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6.27.09 (with a belated edit)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Jennifer’s the middle child. Of five. And she beat out the oldest of my younger sisters and me en route to the first wedding. The funny thing is, it took her and her husband Eric 7+ years to get around to it.

I might have taken more reception pictures had the family not tried dragging me out to the dance floor so often…even on a recovering bad ankle.

The event, altogether, was rather quaint and relaxed…a testament to the general feelings of family and friends gathered there that pretty much would give a shrug and a snicker with the look of having considered them married already anyway. A couple of shots:

Jen & Eric - 06.27.09Jen & Eric - 06.27.09

Jen and Eric marked my first of two weddings this summer, the second of which is between a former coworker and friend John and his fiancee Michelle. I’ll have some future results from that wedding as I will have a more formal job there than I did at my sister’s, but they both spent some time with me earlier today (7/3, actually…although this is a belated edit to the post having been written at the end of June) and I have one result I thought I’d share:

John & Michelle - 07.18.09