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Burning Bridges

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

 “…these memories are talking and talking and I’ll do anything to shut ‘em up. I’ve got the pillow over my head but they won’t stop no, no they won’t stop…”

“This is a story of burning bridges and allowing time to pass.

This is a story of forgiveness and breaking things in my hands…

Mythology meets reality

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

It seems to me that when your parents name you after an Egyptian goddess, there could be an awful lot to live up to. Fortunately for Isis, her magnificent skintone, Betty Boop eyes, and darling facial features make it so it’s not something likely to cause any problems at all.

Once I’d decided I wanted to start focusing a bit more on the “Faces” portraiture series, it was only a matter of convincing her to spend just a few minutes in front of my camera. And she’s a pretty cool chickie to boot.



Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

The last few days have marked the first major noticeable change in temperature towards the oncoming winter. I appear to have started listening to Suzanne Vega again as well. And as the rarity of clove cigarettes grows, I look forward (hopefully) to my reserve stash tasting all the sweeter because of it.

Amidst such tides and currents did I get the motivation to make a trip early yesterday to visit Javier & Sandy. And despite a mostly dried up lake making for a barren landscape, enough stubborn greens and burgeoning crimsons melded to offer a certain visual solace.

So…a few excerpts from a day of casual outdoor shooting and one of hopefully more dance-oriented indoor figure shoots.

RemainsJavier & SandyJavier & SandyJavier & Sandy