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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

March is almost over and I had yet to get my butt in here for an update. The cherry blossoms are blooming but I have a couple of shoots this week that will involve families/couples and likely take place at least partially outdoors, so my idea to run outside long enough to get a shot or two of the trees just to have something to write about here seemed a bit silly. It was also too late to create the setup idea I had for an addition to The Tori Project.

So…I decided to finally get around to showing off what I had already taken the time to include a gallery of on the main site: my AutoErotica project. It was an idea that combined numerous things I wanted to focus on: overt and unashamed sexuality, awkward angles (a trait of my early photography that many models and photographers claimed was something they enjoyed about my work…I felt that I wanted to get back to something classic of mine), the ability to display a progression of events in some makeshift fluidity via a collage effect, and a setting that was relatively unique and adjustable (no matter the season, so long as the air conditioning or heat is working, I’ve got a functional shoot location).

Having shot four series of this theme, there was enough to make a dedicated gallery for it. The only downside now is that, due to my hermit-like retreat, the breadth of models whom I could reach who would be comfortable collaborating on this sort of project becomes rather slim. Maybe I just need to start peeking out more often…

Until then, though, here are the 4 finished results.