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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

A handful of the rest of the goodies from my recent shoot with Cherry.

It was actually incredibly nifty having someone whose look almost immediately demanded a pinup look, as I don’t toy with that too often. The bubbly personality is something that doesn’t need to get “turned on” for the camera with her. Plus, we found a nice geek camaraderie to connect on (I already mentioned the FF music thingie last post, but talking about doing a visual representation of her D&D character in the future is just damn nifty).

Absolute fun.



Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Cherry DeVille is the latest sneaky, fantastic find of mine in the Nashville area. I’ll be getting into a more thorough delving into her niftiness with a subsequent blog, but, for now, this will serve to add one more tally onto the Tummy Series.

She may be only one of a handful of people who would actually pick out the Final Fantasy Crystal theme when it cycled into my random mp3 playlist. It was a total bonding from there!



Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

It felt good to go bouldering again. It cost me 4 nice, big, open blisters. A worthwhile trade. It’s the first time I’m been bouldering since rolling my ankle pretty horribly after landing on a harness when I was back in VA. Although it still doesn’t have the full rotational mobility it used to (which is admittedly my fault for not being diligent with exercising it), it performed just fine during a couple of heels hooks.

And, in pictures, I’d found myself recently looking over some shots I’d taken a while back that I hadn’t taken the time to tweak until I was satisfied. A nice gritty black and white ended up being the best result to mix with the overt sexuality of the shot. I’m quite glad I went back to it.