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The Tori Project: Concertina

This will be the first installment of my first actual photographic Project. As written on my profile showcasing the project:

I’ve been a big fan of Tori Amos for years. The riddling, emotive, piercing songs had been a quiet motivation for some of my imagery for a while…until it finally clicked that I would love doing a series based specifically on her songs. This is the result.

Concertina was actually shot before I knew I’d be devoting imagery directly to The Tori Project. Lela Rae and I had actually gotten quite hooked on the song during a NY trip we’d had with Sarah.

It was only afterward that I realized that the piercing story wound within Lela’s eyes in this shot spoke the very line of lyrics that I overlayed on the image: “I run into your thought from across the room.”

So, this became the first official, unofficial  image of The Tori Project.

Lela Rae - Concertina

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