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M/O/P Trip: Part 2

The drive back from Michigan ended up being a lot easier to handle because of being able to break it up into 3 days. The drive from to Toledo only took about an hour. That was the day of the Collingwood groupshoot. We spent that night at a hotel at what was dubbed the official ‘Cuddle Party’. Then, woke up the next day and drove 4 hours to Pittsburgh…but not before stopping by Columbus to pay a quick visit to my adoptive art-sister Sarah.

I’ve been incredibly fond of Melvin Moten Jr.’s work for years and had sadly missed the opportunity to run into him at previous Collingwood shoots. Raelyn knew this. Conveniently, she had also shot with him before and had developed a good rapport with him…and convinced him it would be fun to meet on our way back to Virginia!

Caged Gypsy & Raelyn

He had a shoot scheduled that day with Caged Gypsy and we traveled with him to meet up with her. I always try to err on the side of tactfulness when meeting other people…especially people I respect. So, it actually took him reassuring me 2 or 3 times that it was okay for me to join in on the shoot with him before I caved in. Heck…the offer alone was honor enough. So, the setup as well as the human sleeve he had Caged Gypsy and Raelyn in were entirely his puppeteering. This is one of the shots I came away with that I was fondest of.

After the shoot, Caged Gypsy was wondrously gracious enough to let us crash at her place before we set off on our way back to Virginia the following afternoon.

So…all in all, it ended up being one of the most fulfilling trips I’ve been on. Damn Ohio/Michigan; I love it every time I’m in that area. Now, if it just wasn’t an 8-9 hour drive…

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