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It appears I habitually do things in groups. For the second time, I’m including new images I’ve shot along with older ones. I’m quirky like that, I suppose.

I don’t normally seek out people to shoot at my day job. I’m a very socially passive person in the first place, so even if I have a card to hand out it seems a bit awkward. In Sam’s case, things wound their way to a middle ground. She’s a close friend of the girlfriend of one of my coworkers and I’d met her at work a couple of times. Because of that, she’d already heard about my photography. After ping ponging tentative plans for a bit, we finally got around to shooting one Sunday morning. I was quite content with the results.

Then, this last week, I run into her again at work and she expresses interest in shooting again…and is open to being more ‘adventurous’. She’d seen the recent bodyscape nudes I’d been toying with and was willing to give it a try. I’m actually completely giddy about a number of the results. Normally, I’d be more apprehensive about shooting someone new at nudes, but Sam had a wonderful knack for getting right in the zone and things were incredibly fluid.

Next time, it may just be me taking the initiative to pester her.

The last two images are from our previous sets:



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