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I’m in the process of escaping an inundation of image editing thanks to a wonderful trip I took to Toledo and Detroit this last week. Despite the fact that It was perhaps one of the most artistically fulfilling span of days for me since I’ve started shooting, it was the proverbial cherry on top waiting for me back at home when I returned that really made the entire thing perfect.

During the time when I had a banner featured on, I had the jaw-dropping experience of seeing a private message in my inbox from Angela Ryan, who I’ve adored even years before I began shooting photography. I’d even webmastered websites on which I’d asked to feature her pictures because…well, she’s magnificent.

This is normally where I’d go on for a few more paragraphs about the details that allowed the completion of the shoot (one of numerous, perhaps)…but I’ll just skip that and get to the visual results. It’s good to know I can still get in the photographic zone even when I have one of the alt/fetish models I’ve most admired in front of my camera. Happy 2008 for me!

Angela RyanAngela RyanAngela RyanAngela Ryan

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