Looking glass


A “virtue” which I don’t have very often. One specific reason why, for instance, is because I could have indulged in a year’s worth of shooting with Atilla instead of just catching up 12 months later.

I’d met her at a fashion show in December of ‘06 and was excited about the prospect of getting to shoot with her. Perhaps my procrastination and poor ability to keep in touch with people played a part, but we just seemed to lose contact. Every now and then I’d run into new shots of her again, particularly when I was looking over the gorgeous work she does with her good friend Kathryn Parker (aka MachineDance). Then, one day near the end of October, she sends me a message on ModelMayhem saying she’d be in my area during Thanksgiving break and that we should get together to shoot. I was rather ecstatic. I didn’t realize how ecstatic I should have been until after finally getting to shoot with her and seeing the images.

Wow. If she wasn’t the type of person who’s an absolute sweetheart, I could easily feel humbled by her. Piercing eyes, gorgeous figure and the newly acquired light-blue/blonde hair made me smile about as much as Aprella’s green does. She just rocks.

So…this time I owe her the next visit, and once these holiday thingies disappear and life is semi-stable again, I’ll be on my way.

Oh…that’s right: proof of Atilla’s yummy awesomeness. Here we go.


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