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Spades and Hearts

Spade had poked at me about getting together on her recent roadtrip through the area. I’d remembered her from months back on MM (albeit, under a different username) and had always found her disarmingly cute. Katie was rather taken with her as well, and stretched out her stay here in order to be able to coordinate it with Spade’s arrival.

Tons of fun ensued. I was actually a bit bummed I didn’t have more time to shoot with her (admittedly, we perhaps were all a bit guilty of that due to hang-out/chinese food time…) but she agreed that a repeat occurence should happen soon, so I look forward to picking things up sometime in the future.

In the meantime, here are a few snippets. The last is a comicbook-esque first draft of a “Coca Cola vs. Dr. Pepper” silly theme I wanted to get. I’m still toying with how I want to finish it, but I think this initial rough version is whimsically fun enough on its own that it can peek out into public.

SpadeSpadeSpade & PXESpadeSpade & PXESpade & PXESpade & PXE

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