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Lela paid me a surprise visit a couple of weeks ago (well, as “surprise” as about a month’s notice can be). My traveling funds and flexibility don’t seem to be what they once were, and many of the friends I’ve made in the Ohio/Michigan area have gone unvisited because of it. So, it was obviously a treat having someone make the trip out here…reminding me a bit of the bright spots I’ve maybe forsaken with my recent hermit-like ways.

Truth be told, due to some health complications she was having, we didn’t end up doing too much shooting…but the company was marvelous anyway.

On the night before her departure day, I finally decided to prod her to see if there might be enough energy to swing a few shots. I think maybe she’d been itching to get some as well. The style was much more ‘designed’ than our previous stuff…which kind of saddened me (not to end up having the time to shoot more candid and emotive stuff) although I cannot truly complain about the result at all.

Katie got to play she-prop for a few of the shots as well (in addition to taking some of her own). The shooting went wonderfully…but I think the game of Cranium perhaps trumped it all. Anyhow, back to the pictures…

Lela Rae & PXELela RaeLela RaeLela Rae & PXE

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