Looking glass


I just coined the term…feel free to use it.

If you develop a keen eye, you can spot them a mile away. Relatively green models that get a handful of shoots with accomplished photographers under their belt and, suddenly, get some inner “Diva Switch” flipped on inside them. Ivy school college football jocks match them for pure empty bravado. Sometimes the transformation is subtle, sometimes it’s sudden…but the result is always the same. It’s one of the prominent reasons I stopped shooting for a while.

The thing is…although the mentality is often stitch-sewn to the fanciful notion of making modeling one’s career (that’s usually what turns on the generator that ignites the switch in these ‘models’), there are models who do make it into a career…into their job, and you can tell they, still, are artists first. That primarily motivating force is what separates them. Or at least I like to think that’s the case. Perhaps there are presumptuously aloof artists that can be completely consumed by the art…but I doubt it.

I doubt it because I keep running into accomplished, stunning models (many, art models) who aren’t riddled with the Banshee mentality. Perhaps it’s because these models aren’t using modeling as a means to fill their empty “conceit gas tanks”.

Then again, so much of art is self discovery. If that’s the case, maybe the catharsis is just a way to unveil the truer faces we each hide underneath our social etiquette…and perhaps the Banshees do us a greater service by blossoming from their cocoon rather than hiding their true nature behind pretty ephemeral petals.

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