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It’s funny the way paradoxes work. In the darkest and most defiled of moments you can find a spark of beauty that guides you back home. I met Anna Catherine amidst such circumstances…totally unexpectedly. In a moment of fortuitous wonder, two rather socially reserved people found themselves talking about internal artistry, disenchantment concerning pretension in the ’scene’ and the long and winding path from the torment of the past. If I had seen even a hint of the breadth and quality of work she’s done, I would have never imagined she’d care to shoot with me. Lucky me, I suppose!

She was darling enough to come and visit me recently (sadly, for not nearly enough time) and we cranked out buckets of marvelous stuff in the span of less than 24 hours. Coupled with the shoot with LaStarr the week before, this experience was the first time I could feel the engine running at full potency in…a long time.

Meeting Anna also acted as a profound reminder of the fact that, if I took a close look, I had others around me that have fulfilled me in that artistic and personal integrity facet before…and it has led to me finding my way back to those whose personalities actually breathe fuel into my life. You know who you are. Thank you.

I’m still swimming through tons of shots from our less-than-a-day shooting marathon, but I figured I should start with one for now.

Anna Catherine

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