Looking glass


I’m still having a bit of a time getting over the amount of fantastic shots that came from a truly minimal amount of shooting with Anna. I had admittedly been a bit worried that we’d have less than a full 24 hours to try to get a good variety of styles in…and apparently my concerns should not have been. Plus, she already knows I’m partially mopey that it meant having less talk and hang-out time (which shall be remedied next time).

Her presence when the camera is on is like a jolt of artistic electricity…which is an interesting analogy to use considering that she effectively defibrillated that expressive outlet in me.

I don’t think it even occured to me until RaeLyn was speaking with me recently on the phone and said: “It’s so good to hear you talking like this again.” The feeling of having those cogs and wheels turning again inside my head…oiled andĀ  inspired, rather than rust-ridden from indifference and maybe even willful negligence (the way you kinda stop babying your new car when she gets that first ding in her because she doesn’t feel so ‘new’ anymore).

Anyways…I’m gonna zip it and get with the pictures!

(Edit: Ooops. I lied. But…I’d meant to mention this earlier but forgot. So…in addition to realizing my tummy fascination, I’m also a huge fan of shoulder freckles [and pretty much freckles in general, hence shots 2, 3 and 5!]…as if there needed to be anotherĀ  inspirational facet to Anna!)

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