Looking glass


Ophelia is a most pleasant and unexpected addition to my imagery here. I had, for so long, been wound within the constraints of the ’scene’ of modeling and photography that I’d forgotten that it’s possible to find wondrous sparks of inspiration via entirely different venues and means. It seems that those who often have their own preset outlet of artistry are the ones both capable of understanding the process when toying with modeling, yet while still retaining an immunity to the cyclone of personal alteration that comes from treating the enterprise as a drug to which some addictive fix follows as a byproduct.

So, while the smoldering eyes and eyebrows, the porcelain skin and hourglass figure bring the visual translation of the shots to their peak, I’d like to think there’s a genuine artistic innocence from which the pictures are wrought which completes the ensemble of each individual image.

And since it seems she’s quite pleased with the initial results, once the winter holidays are over, time may just be made for the arsenal of corsets she owns. Till then, though…


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