Looking glass


It’s actually been an busy time period with shooting. Between Ophelia, her friend Olga, Raelyn and even a bar regular of mine who asked to have some shots done…it’s been more shooting on a consistent basis than I’ve probably had in a year. lus, a relatively hefty work schedule (including a 14 hour day yesterday) ends up leaving me with a lazier dispositionj when I return back home.

Anyhow, Ophelia and I have been enjoying a good chunk of shooting time and I realized that I hadn’t updated andy of our more recent stuff. Apparently I have yet to hit the jackpot with an image with her quite as big as the first set we did (based on the amount of commentary a specific image is getting), but even at this point I haven’t thoroughly gone through all of the pictures.

I’ll eventually get around to the sets with her and Olga together, as well as the ones with her and Raelyn…but I have a good friend staring at me to go to lunch, so I should get this going…


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