Looking glass


The last two days have been downright amazing. Both for personal reasons and, more specifically, for a ceremony that took place yesterday that made for an incredible visual experience that encapsulated the joyous beauty.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’d gotten to know John and Michelle personally, I would have been hesitant to offer to shoot the photography for their wedding. I’m just still not entirely sure I’m able to guarantee results for such a momentous day of two people’s lives…but apparently they trusted me enough. And…I’m surprisingly pleased with just the tip of the iceberg of the shots from yesterday.

In order to avoid violating what surely must be some official rule of wedding photography (that the bride and groom be the first to receive/see wedding pictures) I have sent these three starting images to them already. Granted, they may not get around to actually looking at them for a while since they are likely happily distracted by the Caribbean sun at the moment…but I did my part!

Mr. & Mrs. LaoMr. & Mrs. LaoMr. & Mrs. Lao

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