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It’s an odd social quirk that tends to divide the construct of traditional family unit from the innate human aspects of sexuality that bring it forth. It’s as if the status of parenthood partially amputates someone’s full-bodied qualification for the ’sexiness box’. Perhaps the unrelenting vigilance to be wary of anything that would even topically intertwine aspects of sexuality and children (apart from that whole birthing process, however…) tends to create a divide in our heads that feels awkward finding the two in any way close together.

The downside of that, however, is that the process of becoming a parent seems to nullify a part of that freedom to revel in the whimsical and playful self-esteem and self-enjoyment wrought from being comfortable in one’s own ’sexiness box’ (not that the actual responsibilities of parenting themselves do not affect it already).

So, it’s nice to find a young couple that can be part of a family unit without losing the degrees of passion that made them a family unit in the first place.  I found it a refreshing treat to be able to shoot images that were passionate and emotive with Liz & Dustin and then an hour later, with them, romp outside in youthful silliness with their sons Gavin & Eliot.

It turned out to be another wonderful way to welcome in the deep spring.

Liz & DustinLiz & DustinLizLiz & DustinLiz & DustinLiz, Dustin, Gavin, Elliott.Liz, Dustin, Gavin, Elliott.

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