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Gold Dust

I wasn’t even exactly sure about how I would title this blog and then Tori Amos’ Gold Dust popped up on my random playlist…an interesting duality of a title.

The main part of this entry is for Pia, Mikaela, and Isabella. I know Pia through work and she was kind enough to invite me over on a gloriously warm April day for some picture-taking with her and her two girls. You may as well have had Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun playing on repeat in the background as theme music. It was actually pretty hilarious. Like, creating the idea of an ‘alien zombie cow’ hilarious. It was a vibrant experience.

The other thought in my head recently I’m actually including here because of how polarizing it is in comparison to imagery so emblematic of youth.

A close friend of mine had her father pass away last week. It would be cliche to go on about what emotional impact that can play on anyone who is normally a bundle of laughs, but there are some events in life that leave a concerned friend at a loss for adequately expressive words of comfort. I was surprised, though, at how it gave me pause as well. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that death hasn’t historically crossed my path very closely. Not to say it necessarily makes for any naivete to not live so close to it often, but my philosophical and psychological views can tend to bring the stark reality more sharply into focus. I’m convinced that anyone who tells you that they do not fear death is either distracted, delusional, or drugged. It’s not the loss of the world that’s the issue. It’s the loss of the perceptual mechanism that lets us render it into reality. The freak self-reflective sentience we ephemerally own as a species evaporating and, along with it, the entirety of ourselves.

Which is the type of thing that (it seems I’m reduced to cliche after all…) puts the wonder of youth in such a brilliant light; that unspoken inner feeling that there’s still a figurative ‘new car smell’ in life and that there are plenty and plenty of miles to burn.

May we all get to watch things sparkle for as long as they (and we) possibly can.

Pia, Mikaela & IsabellaMikaela & IsabellaMikaela & IsabellaIsabellaMikaelaMikaela & Isabella

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