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I’ve actually been a rather reserved person most of my life, particularly socially. It was a progression of habit and eventual familiarity with the process itself that put me in a place where interacting with models in scant-to-no clothing didn’t feel partially awkward for me even when being thoroughly focused on the shoot theme. Now, it’s something I think I’ve come to take for granted. My roommate of many years has lived with me throughout this evolution and doesn’t bat an eyelash at random nudity in the apartment. Being around people who are comfortable in that sort of environment may as well be second nature to me now.

It does manage to surprise me, then, when two people entirely new to modeling are able to perform a flawless transition into that ‘photo shoot zone’ where the mood is completely comfortable and fluid…despite their state of (un)dress.

Amber and I had been talking for months about getting around to shooting. It became one of those deals where you’ve got the firecracker rocket stuck into the ground and you’ve got the lighter in your pocket…and days still go by without getting the fuse lit. I’d spoken with Andrew less and we hadn’t even formally discussed shots with him. Had he not ended up being free from other obligations that day I wouldn’t have ended up being able to incorporate him at all in the actual shoot. But, with a little good fortune and the totally stress-free environment (granted, being around people you’re familiar with and a few bottles of wine can help with that…), we managed to crank out some rather fantastic stuff.

Among many other spectacular things, it was another prodding reminder of how much I do enjoy shooting couples.

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