Looking glass


Considering my penchant for nostalgia, it would appear this sort of thing is long overdue. I’d been finding myself going back into my external hard drive, digging up images from years ago and indulging in a bit of “fresh set of eyes” viewing of stuff to see how my current level matches up with the results I got back then. It became a fun distraction, editing some older images with the proficiencies I now have with PS…and it reminded me of the short ‘About Me’ section I used to have on my old website, where I offered up a short, verbal recounting of my photography experiences. In it, I’d also shown an image from my second shoot and, upon reflecting back to that page, it occurred to me that I should combine all these elements and systematically go back to the very beginning (1.18.05) and set up a gallery that creates a timeline, with one image take from each shoot in chronological order.

So I’ve officially created the History Gallery, replacing the old ‘Retro Quads’ gallery since this new one will essentially be a broader display of the same imagery. Currently only 2005 and part one of 2006 are up, but I’ll be updating them over time as I re-edit and re-create the pictures from my old shots.

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