Looking glass

The World Is Not Enough

“There’s no point living if you can’t feel alive.”

I miss Freshie. She’s one of a final series of sparkles of wonder that kept me company prior to my recent exodus. Exodus because a long overdue relocation has finally come to fruition. The final chapter in my own strange ’six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ game that I’ve played with the reality I had created for myself, internally and externally. Mostly internally. Precious things needing to be washed away.

A car, a cat, and a catalyst. And I’m here. Home. Hello, Nashville.

Our final photographic endeavor did leave me remembering the things I will miss, though. We’ll see how long it is before I can jedi-mind-trick her this way.


And then¬†Ariel¬†became a departing, unexpected spark just days before my departure. A casual final dart thrown as the curtain was falling that hit a bullseye and reminded me of the inspiring emotive fuel that can come from clicking with someone on all cylinders in the collaborative department. Why I hadn’t thought of a kitty-girl series prior to the accidental discovery as we were shooting I don’t know…but it’s certainly something I’ll have to devote more concerted effort to in the future.

Ariel AdoreAriel AdoreAriel AdoreAriel AdoreAriel Adore

Some last-minute, parting luck also ended up activating a shoot that had been discussed 2 years ago, and I’ll share those shortly as well.

And though I’ll be basking in the homebody indulgences of a new place for a while, a specific chunk of that process is already being devoted to the re-ignition of re-harnessed energies…

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