Looking glass


I’ve had an incredibly productive weekend (I realize it’s actually the middle of the week, but my  weekends, of late, are Tuesdays and Wednesdays). Most of the initial productivity involved menial stuff you probably couldn’t be less interested in (except, perhaps, for anyone who has previously driven with me…who might now be ecstatic to know that my car no longer gives you a full-body jiggle massage when braking!), but it ended with the better stuff.

I finally got to catch up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in too long (good drinks, good art, good conversations, good times). Part of that chapter involved being told that I must create a Tumblr…so I did. Then a shoot this afternoon that came from a chance poke of a friend of a friend on facebook which turned into me notching two more tallies onto the Tummy series (among a few other delicious images I’ll get to placing here…some of which [for the impatient] have already been upped to said new Tumblr account).

One more rum & coke (with Capt. Morgan’s Tattoo), and I’ll call it a very positive ‘weekend’. And here are more tummies for you.


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