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M/O/P Trip: Part 1

Last month I took a fun roadtrip to Michigan. Well, the trip there wasn’t as much fun…just me in the car, direct-driving with breaks only for snacks and gas. It’s the trip back that was the fun part. Although, before I departed Michigan with Raelyn, I got the chance to meet Autonomous although I only discovered that she was her (the person was the model) after returning home, which was kinda sucky. Next time I’m there I’ll be sure to pester her.

From Michigan, we left to Toledo, where Boyd hosts his monthly Collingwood groupshoots. I’d been meaning to pay him a visit for nearly 2 years since we’d met in Columbus. The entire experience ended up being wonderful, running into friends and people I’d met/worked with previously…and then meeting new folks who were quite spectacular.

Below are images from each of the ’slots’ I shot with different models. From left to right: Thorny Rose & Tyrgrim, Heather, Gumby and Lola.

Thorny & TyrgrimHeatherGumbyLola

I also had the chance to meet the lovely PXE although we didn’t get a chance to shoot together. Later on at a group party, I nearly decided to steal her on our trip back, but we decided to postpone the kidnapping…at least until February. :)

Part 2 of the trip, through Pittsburgh, coming soon.

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