Looking glass


Over the last few weeks, Tyler, the owner of has been recruiting submissions for a new header image. I submitted mine on 1/20/08 and I was rather gladly surprised to see it attract a decent bit of praise.

Yesterday (or the day before? I need to stop losing track of days…) I received a message from Tyler, confirming that it was indeed going live. So…I’m, quite happy! The model in the image, Jessalyn, is an absolute doll. I wrote about her on the site:

She’s one of a handful of models on here that deserve the spotlight. She’s proof you can make this site into something incredible for yourself.

Inspiration that says you can be a little girl in the middle of Kansas, shorter than 5′8″ with tattoos and still make your way towards agency representation while working with some of the most amazing photographic talent there is.

On a slight sidenote, one Toronto-based photographer was so “enamored” with the shot, he took the time to send me a private message suggesting he felt like quitting the site because of it.

I really wanted to reply on the verge of “tears”, begging him not to leave *snicker*…but friends suggested I just leave the silliness in solitary confinement.

Funny thing is…that message (along with other things) actually put me in a good mood. Maybe I’ll put “Professional Hack Photographer” back into my profile on there so I don’t mislead people into having unrealistically lofty expectations anymore!

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