Welcome to my personal online display site. General information and visuals are available via the menu options above. Newer work, along with occasional personal babble of my own, is continuously available on my Blog.

Were it not for the attention of a handful of incredible models, this entire visual array may not even be necessary, as I've always strived to keep things relatively modest. It's become an artistic outlet that has fortuitously attracted the interest of wonderful collaborators.

So...when I go out of my way to say this is "art", I do so not because each and every image has some thoroughly profound story of intrigue and crypticism wound within it...but because it has come from a cohesive outlet of expression and symbiosis.

I hope you enjoy what you see/read here.


Rob Guimaraes, aka Nihilus

Pic 1

General Gallery: Fashion to Fetish, DarkArt to Erotica. Also including older imagery redone or retouched.

Pic 3

Bodyscape: Toying with shapes and shadows. Also including various other figure nude images.

Pic 7

Tummies: My affinity for tummies manifests itself in a collage-style ongoing series.

Pic 4

The Tori Project: A Series devoted to songs written and performed by Tori Amos, my favorite musical artist.

Pic 5

Faces: Images I've separated into a separate gallery to create a portraiture/headshot series.

Pic 8

AutoErotica: Collage images in a burgeoning (explicit) personal project. Double entendre intentional.

Pic 5

History: A chronological timeline of every photoshoot I've ever had, featuring one image from each.